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Mining Technology

Mining Technology – VCR Method.  Mining Software for Mine Planning and Mine Design. Sub level open stopes. Block Caving. Blast Hole Open Stopes. Research and Development Projet Mining. Mine Plan and Design. . Mines Vocational Training Centre Malanjkhand Copper Project Click and View the web site

Mechanized Mining Methods – Under Ground Mining and Open Cast Mining

Sub Level Open Stopes

Sub Level Open Stopes

Mining Methods

Mining Methods

‘Khetri Copper Complex’ was my school where I learned the concepts of mining Technology, Practiced as a professional in Mining for 26 years and perfected in the Art of Mining. Read More

N G Nair Mining Engineer from Copper Mines in India. After active Mining life for 30 years, Finding some time in publishing  about  my experience in metal mines. Sharing knowlege with the young mining engineers for the benefit of society.  View the web site. We all do work and how to achieve the job satisfaction.

  • About N G Nair from thottakom Vaikom Kottayam
  • Copper Mining Family from Malanjkhand Copper Project
  • Drop Raising in Mining (VCR) Method
  • Hindustan Copper Limited to use bio-leaching tech for ore processing
  • Indian Copper Complex
  • Information Technology In Mining Industry
  • Khetri Copper Complex
  • Kolar Gold Fields
  • Malanjkhand Copper Mine
  • Malanjkhand Photo
  • Mine Plan and Mine Design
  • Mine Planning – N G Nair, Manager (Mines) Malanjkhand Copper Project
  • Research & Development Project Mining
  • Surpac Mining Software Training at Malanjkhand
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